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Hi, my name is Chander (Billy), the leader of SmileIndiaTours, born and educated in the beautiful hill station of Shimla, nestled in the Himalayas.

This delightful gem of a town still carries the charms and scars of its colonial past when it was the summer capital of India (during the British Raj), when hordes of visitors escaping the summer heat of the plains would flock each year onto its winding streets and busy social calendar.

Growing up in the Himalayas, I developed a love for mountain climbing and trekkingThese excursions have allowed me to gain many insights into the various facets of the people and their lifestyle, history, religion, food, music, handicrafts as well as the flora and fauna of this exquisite patch of India called Rajasthan.

My fascination for this magical land of my ancestors has drawn back time and again to admire and study its unique culture as well as its numerous splendid monuments both natural and man made.

Visiting Australia, I immediately fell in love with this wide brown land and promptly migrated here. Having lived in the west (New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic) over the past twenty years has given me a thorough understanding of Eastern and Western cultures.

Today I am equally at home whether I am gold prospecting in the Australian outback, trawler fishing in the gulf of Carpentaria or drinking mango lassi in a traditional Indian village.

This understanding enables me to be especially sensitive to the needs of Western tourists often traveling for the first time through a foreign culture which can seem a little bewildering at first and as a result you can rest assured you will be provided with very best service.

Smile India Tours

Smile India Tours is a trailblazer in ethical tourism and so, all our net profits will go into giving hope tothe lives of street children, who have been abandoned and are easy prey for all kinds of exploitation.

Who should travel with us?

Those visitors with only a limited time available to them and determined to enjoy every moment of it.

Visitors who are curious to learn about the proud heritage of the past as well as the colourful present day culture of the Rajasthani and Himalayan people.

First time visitors to the subcontinent can sometimes find the initial culture shock can leave them feeling a little disoriented, not having to worry about the accuracy of train timetables and good accommodation is always a comfort.

For those visitors who value a great deal for their dollar, whether shopping for the famed handicrafts or sitting down at sunset for a traditional meal.

Visitors looking for just the right balance between play and rest during the tour, thus leaving you relaxed and invigorated at its end, not frazzled and exhausted

Especially suited as a “starting off point” for those travelers who intend to to tour the subcontinent on their own later.

Visitors that enjoy experience new places in small groups (around 25 people/group).

Smile India Tours is my company, so going the extra mile for you is in my own interest as well.

Our good local contacts enable you to avoid the pitfalls of dealing with dodgy sales people whether it is browsing through the bazaars for souvenirs or more substantial shopping.

My assistant and i will be available 24/7 to tend to any problem you may have.


100% of our net profit will be donated to:


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Group leader: Chander (Billy)


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Group leader: Chander (Billy)


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